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Established in 1968 to foster epidemiologic research, the Society for Epidemiologic Research is the oldest and largest general epidemiology society in North America.

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June 22-25, 2021

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Annual Meeting


- 6 minutes ago

@nondogmatist @BreskinEpi Now presenting Paul Gustafson:"Bayesian inference for partially identified models”
h J R

- 8 minutes ago

@nondogmatist @BreskinEpi Future directions? need better estimation mechanisms, adaptation to common situations, incorporation into best practices, and increase access through software.
h J R

- 9 minutes ago

@nondogmatist @BreskinEpi Dr Swanson suggests that focussing on bounding instead of just point estimates we can gain a greater understanding, convey uncertainty, and better understand impacts of underlying assumptions.
h J R